Rhombus Power, Skydio, Stairwell, Strider Technologies, and Booz Allen Hamilton Join as Additional Sponsors for Inaugural AI Expo for National Competitiveness

Upcoming expo to feature emerging technology demonstrations, meaningful dialogue with industry leaders and breakthroughs on the show floor

ARLINGTON, Va. – April 4, 2024 – The Special Competitive Studies Project (SCSP), a non-partisan, non-profit project dedicated to strengthening America’s long-term competitiveness in artificial intelligence (AI), announced today five additional sponsors of the AI Expo for National Competitiveness.

As an AI Expo Innovator-level sponsor, SCSP welcomes Rhombus Power, Inc., the developer of Guardian, an AI platform for strategic decision-making for defense and national security enterprises. SCSP also appreciates the support of Disruptor-level sponsor, Skydio, Inc., a U.S.-based drone manufacturer and developer of autonomous flight capabilities.

As Maverick-level sponsors, SCSP welcomes Stairwell, Inc., an advanced threat detection and response solution; Strider Technologies, Inc., which delivers solutions to proactively identify, manage and respond to nation-state directed IP theft and supply chain vulnerabilities; and Booz Allen Hamilton Inc., a provider of technology and AI services to the federal government. These organizations will join SCSP at the AI Expo on May 7-8 at the Walter E. Convention Center in Washington, D.C.

“Momentum is gathering rapidly for the AI Expo and we are excited to add five new distinguished sponsors,” said SCSP CEO and President Ylli Bajraktari. “These organizations embody the diverse perspectives we seek at the AI Expo to advance discussions around AI. Their participation at the upcoming expo not only enhances the event, but also underscores the pivotal role technology plays in shaping our nation’s future.”

The goal of the free two-day expo is to bring together leaders of innovation from the private sector, research institutions, the U.S. government, and key allies and partners to exchange ideas, strengthen partnerships, and educate the public on emerging technology innovations and applications. Visit www.scsp.ai/expo/ to register to attend and to learn more about sponsorship and exhibits.

“Rhombus is proud to partner with SCSP.  SCSP’s mission of ensuring policy meets potential and the United States leads in emerging technology is critical,” said Rhombus CEO Dr. Anshuman Roy. “Every day, we see a stronger demand signal across the national security enterprise for AI powered tools that operate at the speed of relevance, bridging the resourcing and warfighting worlds. Our mission at Rhombus is operationalizing an AI digital nervous system for national security. Ensuring it benefits our security and the well-being of our allies and partners is entirely aligned with SCSP’s work in an arena in which second place is simply not an option.”

“The rate at which we are innovating and implementing AI technology across business, government, and society has never been faster nor more transformative,” said Mark Valentine, President/General Manager of Global Government at Skydio. “At Skydio, AI and autonomy seeks to enable true human-machine teaming with smart, flying robots to make people safer and more productive. We look forward to the opportunity to share ideas and best practices amongst other public and private sector organizations advancing the competitiveness and defense of the U.S. and our allies.”

“The need for advanced AI in cybersecurity has never been more critical,” said Stairwell CEO Mike Wiacek. “At Stairwell, we tackle security as a complex search problem, leveraging AI + automation to power the next generation of threat detection and response. AI stands as a critical tool in the arsenal of democracy, crucial especially in a cybersecurity environment where rapid change and adversarial tactics persist. Supporting AI Expo 24 and the AI-driven security dialogue helps strengthen our ability to safeguard our clients against cyber threats.”

“The AI Expo for National Competitiveness provides an invaluable forum for leaders in the private sector, academia and the U.S. government to exchange ideas and educate the public on the latest in artificial intelligence innovation,” said Strider CEO and Co-Founder Greg Levesque. “We are proud to support this event and the SCSP’s critically important mission to ensure America’s advantage as a leader in AI technologies in this era of great power competition.”

“AI has ushered in a new era that will require America to put forward its best people, policies, and technology,” said Booz Allen Senior Vice President and leader in the company’s AI practice Graham Gilmer. “SCSP serves as an amazing convener for U.S. collaboration and innovation from the government, private sector and research institutions. Booz Allen is a proud sponsor of the SCSP AI Expo and we look forward to meeting this critical moment in our nation’s technological journey.”

With exhibitors showcasing their breakthroughs in AI and related emerging technologies, conference attendees will have the opportunity to learn more from innovators about their technologies’ capabilities. SCSP will also be adding exhibitors to the Expo website as they are confirmed, so please visit https://expo.scsp.ai/exhibitors/ to see the latest confirmed exhibitors. Exhibition spaces are still available, learn more here.

SCSP will also host its second annual Ash Carter Exchange on Innovation and National Security with Mrs. Stephanie Carter, which will be co-located with the AI Expo. The two events build on the success of SCSP’s 2022 and 2023 Global Emerging Technology Summits and inaugural Ash Carter Exchange on Innovation and National Security held in May 2023. For more information on SCSP, the AI Expo for National Competitiveness, and the Ash Carter Exchange please visit https://www.scsp.ai.


About SCSP: SCSP is a non-partisan, non-profit project, launched by Dr. Eric Schmidt and led by CEO Ylli Bajraktari. SCSP’s mission is to make recommendations to strengthen America’s long-term competitiveness as artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies are reshaping our national security, economy, and society.


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