The Panels

SCSP’s work is divided into six panels.


SCSP’s panels will identify and champion opportunities for the U.S. to renew its national competitiveness, recharge its historic optimism and rally fellow democracies by defining major problems, clarifying the nation’s purpose and developing frameworks for action.

Panel Objectives

Foreign Policy

Design a foreign policy that provides the vision, strategy, and actions to promote and protect America and our Allies’ competitiveness, security, and democratic values in a world shaped by AI and other emerging technologies.


Develop a vision for how the U.S. Intelligence Community can use AI and emerging technologies to collect, analyze, and deliver foreign intelligence and counterintelligence information to enable U.S. statecraft.


Help the U.S. achieve and maintain a military-technical advantage against competitors and adversaries through the widespread adoption and integration of AI and other emerging technologies.


Ensure the U.S. economy retains its competitive advantages and creates opportunity as emerging tech transforms the economy, capacity concentrates in large tech companies, and the United States responds to the challenges of strategic competition.


Ensure resiliency of democratic ideals for Americans in a new technology era.

Future Tech Platforms

Ensure positional advantage in AI-enabled and other emerging technologies for the U.S. by fusing public and private sector expertise and resources to curate and fund bar-setting platforms.