What We Do

“A nation which does not shape events through its own sense of purpose eventually will be engulfed in events shaped by others.” – Special Studies Project, 1956

Our Mission

To make recommendations to strengthen America’s long-term competitiveness as artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies are reshaping our national security, economy, and society. We want to ensure that America is positioned and organized to win the techno-economic competition between now and 2030, the critical window for shaping the future.

The Challenge Before Us

  • We are in a generational trial. 2025-2030 is the critical window.
  • A constellation of technologies is transforming our world.
  • Geopolitical rivalry with China and Russia is intensifying. Our margin for error is shrinking.
  • Values are at the center of the competition. Democracies are facing technology tests at home.

Inspired by the Past,
Focused on the Future

Founded in October 2021, SCSP seeks to recapture the competitive mindset
and unifying national mission from past eras, and then adapt them to
the age of AI and 21st century strategic rivalry.

Special Studies Project


Special Studies Project


The Rockefeller Special Studies Project was established in the 1950s to tackle the hardest Cold War and domestic challenges and build a new national consensus. Their work inspired our action.

National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence


National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence


The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence started the journey with a strategy for winning the AI era. SCSP expands the technologies beyond AI and the scope of concern beyond national security.

The Panels

SCSP’s panels will identify and champion opportunities for the U.S. to renew its national competitiveness, recharge its historic optimism and rally fellow democracies by defining major problems, clarifying the nation’s purpose and developing frameworks for action.

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