NatSecTech Programs

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SCSP is visiting universities around the country to elevate student awareness of the techno-economic competition. We engage students on the geostrategic stakes of the race to lead across a diverse number of rapidly evolving emerging technologies. 

Top national security experts, such as Professor Stephen Rosen of Harvard University and Dr. PJ Maykish of SCSP, lead seminar-style sessions challenging students to consider how the techno-economic competition is reshaping the world and their future careers.

SCSP is visiting cities around the country to engage local industry and political leaders on the implications of the techno-economic competition on long-term American economic strength. It is critical for the United States to set the conditions for technology innovation and growth in areas big and small, urban and rural. We want to hear from leaders on their opportunities, challenges, and priorities to inform ongoing work across a range of subjects, including regional innovation hubs. 

SCSP Industry Seminars convene diverse groups to discuss local dynamics within today’s geopolitical context to help ensure America is positioned and organized to win between now and 2030, the critical window for shaping our future.