Global Emerging Technology Summit

Washington, D.C. and Virtual


The purpose of the summit is to bring together government and private sector leaders from the United States with our staunchest allies and partners to ensure that emerging technologies help advance freedom, strengthen democracies, and protect the rules based order.

Summit Details

Panel 1: The Future of Geopolitics

Technology is at the heart of a systemic competition between democracies and autocracies. . Panelists will discuss the state of geopolitics following Russia’s re-invasion of Ukraine, the ways that technology is changing the nature of conflict and geopolitical competition, and how democratic nations around the world can build the partnerships and take the actions necessary to respond to today’s challenges.

Panel 2: The Future of Democracy

Intensifying geopolitical threats and the dangers of the irresponsible use of emerging technologies have strained democracies everywhere. In this session, former leaders of the U.S. national security, diplomacy, and technology communities will engage in a conversation on the continuing importance of democratic values and the prospects for international cooperation to promote democratic prosperity.

Panel 3: The Future of Innovation

Panelists from industry and government will discuss public and private sector approaches to catalyzing innovation in democratic societies, ways that democratic governments are organizing today to fund and promote research, development, and engineering, and the cross-sector and international partnerships that are necessary to maintain our innovative edge in the global technology competition.

Panel 4: The Future of Technology Platforms

Evolving technology platforms, such as semiconductors, biotechnology fusion energy, and others will significantly impact our societies, economies, and geopolitics over the next decade. This panel will convene industry leaders to discuss the promising directions of technology development that warrant strategic attention and investment, and the creative models of partnership between government and private sector that should be pursued.

Panel 5: The Future of Warfare

Emerging technologies, operational concepts that harness them in innovative ways, and the intensifying geopolitical rivalry are changing the character of conflict and peace.  This panel will bring together prominent defense experts and thought leaders to examine these changes and their implications, how are our adversaries taking advantage of these changes, and what the United States and its allies should be doing to maintain or regain military overmatch.

Administration Remarks

Senior U.S. Government officials will deliver remarks to lay out the U.S. Government’s vision for tackling the global technology competition, defending democratic principles and values, and leading like-minded partners to support shared interests in global prosperity and security.

Congressional Remarks

Members of Congress from both parties will speak live and via pre-recorded remarks on Congressional priorities with respect to emerging technologies, including the challenges at home and abroad, and the prospects for bipartisan cooperation.

Publicly Announced Speakers

Highlights from Global Emerging Technology Summit 2022

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