Special Competitive Studies Project Releases a National Action Plan for U.S. Leadership in Advanced Compute & Microelectronics

The Special Competitive Studies Project (SCSP) released today the “National Action Plan for U.S. Leadership in Advanced Compute & Microelectronics.” SCSP is developing a series of national action plans to establish U.S. leadership in key technology areas. This action plan addresses advances in computational power, or compute and microelectronics, technologies that touch all areas of life in the digital age. Microelectronics, or chips, are found in every device that transmits an electrical signal, from smartphones to the world’s most powerful supercomputers.

The action plan’s purpose is to chart a post-Moore’s Law future by catalyzing disruptive innovation via compute moonshots and building a flourishing innovation pipeline that can develop, scale, and integrate novel materials, devices, and architectures. In parallel, the United States should make key supporting moves to address enabling factors that make future leadership possible. 

“The national security imperative that the United States and its allies and partners lead the world in this critical technology sector cannot be overstated. We assembled the best minds in the private and public sectors to gather ideas for moonshots and bold actions that are required for leadership,” said PJ Maykish, SCSP special advisor.

“We have entered the Age of AI. Meeting ever-increasing demand for computing resources will require revolutionary, not evolutionary, advances in post-Moore’s Law paradigms,” said SCSP Senior Director for Economy Liza Tobin. 

For more information about the “National Action Plan for U.S. Leadership in Advanced Compute & Microelectronics,” please contact SCSP Senior Director of Communications and Public Affairs, Tara Rigler, at tmr@scsp.ai. For more information about SCSP, visit us on our website, and subscribe for regular newsletter and podcast updates at 2-2-2


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