Special Competitive Studies Project Releases Executive Summary of Fall Report


The Special Competitive Studies Project (SCSP) released today the Executive Summary for its fall report, “Generative AI: The Future of Innovation Power.” The full report will be released on September 12, 2023. The Executive Summary explores the geopolitical implications of recent breakthroughs in generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) and presents the national security context, technological trajectory, and potential impacts of this new, disruptive technology to inform effective, coordinated U.S. government actions.

The full report will include six stand alone documents written in the style of memorandums to senior U.S. government officials on the near-term implications of GenAI specific to their domains, along with policy recommendations to adapt to rapidly changing conditions. These memos focus on GenAI issues related to innovation power, economy, governance, defense, foreign policy, and intelligence and will be released individually this week. 

“GenAI models have evolved from harmless novelties to powerful tools that match or surpass human capabilities in many areas. Nations that have harnessed new technologies to gain strategic advantage, and advanced their societies to new heights in the process, have been able to influence international affairs and shift power dynamics,” said SCSP Chair Eric Schmidt.

The Executive Summary outlines the argument that there are two overarching principles that should guide U.S. action:

  • Global leadership in generative AI should be a U.S. national security priority; and
  • The United States must win the platforms competition for our national prosperity. 

And it asserts that the United States needs to meet two objectives that will define success:

  • The United States, with its Allies and Partners, must lead AI innovation and set the rules of the road; and
  • The United States, together with its Allies and Partners, must work to avoid a destabilizing AI arms race.

And it outlines the three moves the United States must take to achieve the objectives: 

  • Set the conditions;
  • Shape the terrain; and 
  • Accelerate implementation. 

“The United States has a unique opportunity to lead with conviction and shape the future of humanity. This is a transformative period of great promise and risk driven by technological innovation and it will require that the United States lead with its values and principles and work with its allies and partners to build a better world. We must act now,” said SCSP President and CEO Ylli Bajraktari.

For more information about the release schedule for the “Generative AI: The Future of Innovation Power,” executive summary, memos or full report, or to learn more about SCSP’s upcoming 2023 Global Emerging Technology Summit, please contact SCSP Senior Director of Communications and Public Affairs, Tara Rigler, at tmr@scsp.ai. For more information about SCSP, visit us on our website, and subscribe for regular newsletter and podcast updates here: 2-2-2


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