SCSP Hosts Quarterly Board of Advisors Meeting  


On June 23, the Special Competitive Studies Project (SCSP) convened its quarterly Board of Advisors meeting in Arlington, Virginia. The meeting, chaired by Dr. Eric Schmidt, was attended by Bob Work, Nadia Schadlow, Mac Thornberry, and SCSP’s panel experts and advisors. 

The topics of the day’s discussions included Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the role technology is playing in the war, the state of the U.S.-China competition, the trajectory of generative AI, and advances in biotechnology. The day began with views on the latest from the war in Ukraine, starting with Andrey Liscovich, founder of the Ukraine Defense Fund, and then SCSP’s chair, Dr. Eric Schmidt, both of whom recently spent time embedded with the Ukrainian Armed Forces. 

“After my second visit to Ukraine, I continue to be encouraged by the will of Ukrainian people to defend their country,” said Chair Dr. Eric Schmidt. “My trip also reaffirmed the incredible shift in this war based on the role of commercial, non-lethal technology on the front line of this brutal conflict.”

The other topics were presented by high-level government officials, national security specialists, emerging technology experts, scientists, and investors including Representative Mike Gallagher, R-WI, chair of the House Select Committee on the CCP; Dr. Andrew Moore, Lovelace AI; Dr. Tom Mitchell, Carnegie Mellon University; Dr. Eric Horvitz, Microsoft; Dr. Sarah Shoker, OpenAI; Mike Sellito, Anthropic; Dr. Luciana “Lu” Borio, ARCH Ventures; and  Dr. Drew Endy, Stanford University.

“Maintaining U.S leadership in emerging technologies, especially AI, is a national security priority,” said SCSP CEO Ylli Bajrakari. “We must be proactive.” Read more about SCSP’s recommendations in its action plans on biotechnology and advanced networks.

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