SCSP’s Platform Panel Releases National Action Plan for U.S. Leadership in Biotechnology


The Special Competitive Studies Project (SCSP) released today a National Action Plan for U.S. Leadership in Biotechnology.

SCSP is developing a series of national action plans to establish U.S. leadership in key technology areas. This action plan addresses biotechnology, a multi-trillion dollar sector that will transform industries as diverse as agriculture, health, industrials, materials, and energy in ways that today we can only begin to foresee.

The action plan’s purpose is to provide a biotechnology policy roadmap for a coordinated effort among academia, the private sector, and government to establish U.S. leadership in this critical technology through 2030, alongside our allies and partners, from a national security perspective.

“The United States and its allies and partners are positioned to pave the road for biotechnology, in 2030 and beyond,” said Senior Advisor P.J. Maykish. “The national security imperative of leading this general purpose technology is hard to overstate. We must maintain a competitive edge in catalyzing research, development, and commercialization of breakthrough biotechnologies.”

“We believe that the roadmap for winning in biotechnology starts with bold technology moonshots that raise the bar on what our innovation ecosystem can achieve — from unlocking nature as a code base and developing a fully synthetic cell to fielding a national integrated medical shield,” said SCSP’s Abigail Kukura. “Our action plan also lays out the policy variables that we need to get right, from building a biotech workforce to developing the infrastructure for a thriving domestic bioeconomy.”

“These action plans provide solutions to help ensure that America is positioned and organized to win the techno-economic competition between now and 2030,” said SCSP President and CEO, Ylli Bajraktari. 

For more information about the National Action Plan for U.S. Leadership in Biotechnology, please contact Tara Rigler at or Ariana Orne at


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