SCSP’s Society Panel Releases Interim Panel Report

The Special Competitive Studies Project (SCSP) released its sixth and final interim panel report of 2022 (IPR) today titled, “National Data Action Plan.”

The IPR lays out the nation’s data opportunity – developing a resilient and trusted data ecosystem for both economic and societal benefits to gain advantage in the global competition. 

“This report makes the compelling argument for the United States to better leverage our public and private data assets to strengthen our nation’s economic and societal prosperity and competitiveness,” said SCSP Advisor Lynne Parker. “To maintain a competitive edge, the United States needs to create a data environment to enable data-driven insights.”

“The United States is home to the world’s largest firms and exceptional universities, many with robust data assets,” said SCSP Advisor David Danks. “Our policies and laws are falling behind the advances in volumes, quality, and uses of data, and so it is imperative to have a clear comprehensive data privacy framework for governance.”

The IPR emphasizes the challenges and opportunities in increasing accessibility for data assets. The report recommends:  

  1. Protecting and promoting public trust in the U.S. data ecosystem;
  2. Accelerating United States Government (USG) data accessibility by USG and non-USG entities (academic, private sector, and civil society); and
  3. Facilitating non-USG data accessibility by USG and other non-USG entities.

“To compete on a global scale, the United States needs a whole-of-nation approach to making data accessible and making good use of it.” said SCSP Senior Director for Society Rama Elluru. “We are encouraged that this national data plan will assist with a U.S. framework for enhanced data accessibility, sharing, and governance.” 
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