SCSP’s Economy Panel Releases Interim Panel Report

The Special Competitive Studies Project (SCSP) released today its third of six interim panel reports (IPR) titled, “Restoring the Sources of Techno-Economic Advantage.

The SCSP Economy IPR argues that to remain competitive, the United States needs a techno-industrial strategy (TIS) – a public-private initiative to shore up systemic factors spanning key technology sectors. The TIS should aim to boost technology diffusion across the market – generating additional productivity growth and prosperity for all Americans – and fill key economic and national security gaps.

To strengthen democratic advantage, the SCSP’s Economy IPR recommends executing the TIS in concert with allies and partners and build upon the work of the current and recent administrations. The strategy should have five pillars:

  1. Production: Secure access to critical technology inputs;
  2. Pipes: Invest in America’s digital infrastructure;
  3. People: Strengthen America’s workforce;
  4. Project: Extend U.S. financial leadership into the digital age; and
  5. Pushback: Counter Beijing’s techno-economic malpractice.

SCSP Economy Panel Senior Advisor Robert D. Atkinson said, “The warning lights are on. While the United States remains the world’s largest economy, the PRC’s state-directed economic model is challenging U.S. technology leadership. America needs a coherent strategy to boost advanced industry competitiveness and to fill critical national security gaps.”

“To preserve advantage, the United States must adopt a techno-industrial strategy. Through targeted intervention in key sectors, the U.S. Government can partner with the private sector to unleash a new wave of innovation,” said Liza Tobin, SCSP senior director for the Economy Panel.

“To build on the work of the current and previous administrations, our proposed techo-industrial strategy would aim to boost technology diffusion across the market – generating productivity growth and prosperity for all Americans, filling economic and national security gaps, and strengthening democratic advantage by acting in concert with allies and partners,” said SCSP CEO Ylli Bajraktari.
For more information about the Economy IPR,Intelligence IPR, Defense IPR, or SCSP’s first report titled “Mid-Decade Challenges to National Competitiveness,” please contact Tara Rigler at


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