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Thank You

This report reflects the incredible work of the SCSP staff. The depth of research, meticulous attention to detail, and thoroughness showcased are truly commendable. In addition, we thank SCSP’s Board of Advisors, Dr. Eric Schmidt, Michèle Flournoy, Dr. Nadia Schadlow, William “Mac” Thornberry, and Robert Work. Their intellectual leadership since this project’s inception has been invaluable. Lastly, we are grateful to Dr. Andrew Moore and Dr. Tom Mitchell, who co-chaired SCSP’s Task Force on Generative AI and brought together some of the major frontier model companies and researchers that helped inform this important work. 

When harnessed properly, generative AI (GenAI) has the potential to transform productivity, efficiency, and innovation itself. SCSP staff wrote this report with supervised assistance from GenAI tools, such as ChatGPT, Bard, and Claude, in the following ways: 

Surfacing and summarizing recent research on relevant topics, which was subsequently reviewed by humans.
Brainstorming text for specific topics or sections.
Experimenting with various writing styles and levels of detail.
Identifying examples in support of the report’s claims, which were subsequently cross-checked by a human for accuracy and relevance.
Evaluating the report’s claims for logical consistency, comprehensiveness, redundancy, and potential counterarguments.

GenAI was at no point used to generate text, sources, or numbers that were not subsequently reviewed closely by humans. 

Executive Team

Yll Bajraktari

Mike Gable

Angela Ponmakha

SCSP Staff

Jafer Ahmad

Tooba Awan

Ben Bain

Ylber Bajraktari

Karina Barao

Ryan Carpenter

Joseph Chapa

Carlie Doyle

Rama Elluru

Mike Garris

Hina Gir

Greg Grant

Nayanee Gupta

Brady Helwig

Chelsea Holt

Sarah Johnson

Jenilee Keefe Singer

Daniel Kroth

Abby Kukura

Katie Kurata

Channing Lee

Jung-Ju Lee

David Lin

Mike Lueptow

Justin Lynch

Peter Mattis

PJ Maykish

Brandon McKee

Will Moreland

Lauren Naniche

Ariana Orne

Rachel Pankuch

Tara Rigler

Jennifer Sheehan

James Smith

Nyah Stewart

Katie Stolarczyk

Liza Tobin

Jamie Tomberlin

William “Chip” Usher

Luke Vannurden

Meaghan Waff

Joe Wang

Research Assistants

Olivia Armstrong

Ethan Emery

Pieter Garicano

Addis Goldman

Samantha Hasani

Elsa Ianotta

Maryam Jameel

Paige Kelly

Isabelle Kern

Asra Khan

Nicole Makar

Tara McLaughlin

Pranav Pattatathunaduvil 

Noah Stein

Jack Taylor

Daniel Trusilo

Tetiana Tsunik 

Tyler Vail