Join us May 7 & 8 at the second annual Ash Carter Exchange, co-located with the first-ever AI Expo for National Competitiveness. This event, hosted by SCSP and Mrs. Stephanie Carter, is set to continue the extraordinary discussions and connections made during last year’s unforgettable gathering.

The Ash Carter Exchange on Innovation and National Security

A Once-in-a-Generation

Dr. Carter uniquely understood the impact of emerging technology on national security long before it became more widely accepted. He advocated tirelessly, in and out of government, for innovation and left a lasting imprint on defense and national security through his leadership and foresight. The nation is better prepared for the challenges ahead thanks to his service.

Last years speakers include:

  • Charles Q. Brown, Jr.
  • Frank Kendall
  • Eric Smith
  • Robert M. Gates
  • Leon Panetta
  • Condoleezza Rice
  • Eric Schmidt
  • Michele Flournoy
  • H.R. McMaster
  • Mark Milley
  • Jen Easterly
  • Anne Neuberger
  • Nate Fick
  • Alex Younger
  • Kathleen Hicks
  • Craig Martell
  • Doug Beck
  • Will Roper
  • Kim Budil
  • Robert O. Work
  • Shirley Ann Jackson
  • Maria Zuber
  • And more!


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